AETHOS CEO Keith Kefgen to Address Attendees at Bangkok THINC Innovate Conference

April 24, 2018 –   AETHOS Consulting Group Managing Director and CEO Keith Kefgen will speak about his book, Loneliness of Leadership – which focuses on insights and observations of C-Suite leaders in the hospitality sector - during the THINC Innovate Conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday May 24.

The Loneliness of Leadership, From Solitude to Success is the result of an unprecedented, three-year study of top hospitality executives and entrepreneurs. Via case studies and psychometric testing, AETHOS CEO Keith Kefgen and co-author Managing Director James Houran, Ph.D. demonstrate an integrated set of contemporary lessons, accomplishments, and theories underscoring leadership development. The Loneliness of Leadership reveals the challenges faced by today’s executives for managing the often untold effects of success.

Notable findings in the Loneliness of Leadership include: Leadership isn’t for everyone; Leadership has a shelf-life; Leaders are strong generalists who operate as a social network for their team of specialists; Leaders embrace chaos and ambiguity using them to chart successful strategies; The importance of advice throughout the leadership journey, most importantly establishing a personal board of advisors.

“Loneliness of Leadership reveals the challenges faced by today’s executives for managing the often untold effects of success,” explains Kefgen. “Regardless of the industry you’re in, our book has something for anyone who strives to explore innovative ideas and theories about leadership.”

Christened “THINC INNOVATE,” the conference aims to truly create a differentiation and establish itself as a must-attend hospitality event in the region. The conference will bring together prominent leaders from the hospitality industry to share their experiences and leadership lessons, as well as innovators and change makers across the globe from different industries and sectors to talk about best practices and their most innovative concepts.  

“There are so many lessons we’ve learned about what works best for leaders in our industry,” adds Kefgen. “We thought it was important to share these observations, which are not only high level observations, but which we’ve also put to the test through research and scientific analysis so that we can confirm legitimately.”

To schedule an appointment or speak with AETHOS CEO Keith Kefgen to showcase the findings of the book Loneliness of Leadership, or the 20|20 Assess℠ performance management surveys, please contact [email protected]. Loneliness of Leadership is available here in digital and print versions.