AETHOS Gaming Expert Keith Kefgen Comments on CEO Pay-For-Performance Models in Macau

February 20, 2018 – AETHOS Consulting Group CEO Keith Kefgen comments on the gaming industry, 'fair compensation models' and corporate governance best practices. Talking to Macau-based freelance writer Victor Quinta, Kefgen warns "it is more important to understand if someone earns their pay rather than the simple size of the pay check."

Reviewing findings from AETHOS' yearly gaming CEO pay-for-performance study revealed that, in 2016, four of Macau's gaming CEOs were probably woefully  overpaid - the exception being Lui Che Woo, Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment, who scored 167 on AETHOS' value index (thus indicating to have gone above-and-beyond when it comes to delivering value and return on investment for the firm's shareholders [note: the AETHOS value index compares stock appreciation and earnings growth over a three-year period, as well as company size). Despite such below average ratings, some Macau CEOs took home mindboggling numbers - Lawrence Ho (Chairman of Melco Resorts) , for example, received the industry's highest annual salary (USD $3.4 million).

Such discrepancy between a CEO's pay and his/her performance leads Quinta to ask whether Macau's gaming companies have to address a bigger issue - an issue that ties to corporate governance. More here.