AETHOS Managing Director David Mansbach Comments On Hotel Labour Issues

November, 2018 – Elliott Mest, Associate Editor at Hotel Magazine (part of Questex Hospitality Group), is raising the issue of labour disputes, unions, job security and appropriate (and fair) compensation as well as health care for front line hospitality staff. 

"In today's employment environment," he says, "employees have more power to make their demands a reality." Mest continues commenting that there "remains an ongoing disconnect about how well the hospitality industry pays its employees." Seeking input from a human capital and talent management expert, and industry insider, Mest connects with AETHOS Managing Director David Mansbach. He points out that "we have heard so much about Artificial Intelligence, Revenue Management and other trends […] but we do not discuss human capital all that often.” However, Mansbach believes that there is a cultural shift, noticing that attitudes are changing around this topic. “We are just now seeing a trend where the top hotel management companies and top owners, through their own due diligence, are seriously looking at wages and making sure people are paying at the top of the market so they do not lose out on talent to competitors.”

Mansbach also urges companies to think of the complete picture - compensation should not only be thought of in terms of monetary benefits. It "moves beyond pay and includes well-rounded career progression for employees." Without this, Mansbach warns that the hospitality will continue to be presented with a transient employee base.

To read more about this, access the full article in Hotel Magazine here