BBC Essex Talks to AETHOS About Brexit-Implications

"Brexit-Vote Implications On The UK Hospitality Sector"

October 6, 2017 – "Hospitality businesses need to focus on improving staff retention and the industry as a whole needs to make itself a more attractive employment proposition for young people as well as for alternative areas of the workforce such as the retired and working mothers," says Chris Mumford.

Mumford’s comments came in an interview with Dave Monk on BBC Essex radio when responding to questions about the impact the UK’s Brexit vote is having on the hospitality sector. Mumford noted that job applicant numbers are already falling due to fewer EU migrants coming to the UK as they are deterred by a weak Pound and uncertainty over their long-term futures in the UK once the country formally leaves the EU in 2019. Net migration numbers are forecast to continue falling making hiring an increasingly difficult and expensive undertaking for most employers. With hospitality firms facing increasing pressure on costs, Mumford noted that AETHOS’s research found staff turnover to be 45% within hotel Food and Beverage departments and urged businesses to focus their efforts on holding on to the staff they have.

To listen to the full radio interview, click here.