Commentary On Executive Pay Within The Field Of Revenue Management

December 15, 2017 – Sean McCracken, former reporter for daily newspapers in New York and Pennsylvania and current News Editor at HotelNewsNow, is asking his readership: "Are hotel revenue managers underpaid?"

Reviewing AETHOS' recent compensation and benefits study, which hones-in on salary and bonus schemes awarded to seasoned industry executives within the field of hotel revenue management, and speaking with AETHOS' Managing Director David Mansbach, lead author on this study, McCracken concludes that the data points to only one conclusion: the discipline is underpaid in the hotel industry.

Mansbach comments: "It’s one of the core competencies companies need to seriously look at and re-evaluate." He continues, noting that "10% to 15% of hotel companies 'really get it' when it comes to valuing revenue managers and how much a person with the right skillset can help to make a company more profitable [...] and large ownership groups, such as real estate investment trusts, are just now starting to wrap their minds around the value of revenue management".

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