No Vacancy – Glenn Haussman Talks To AETHOS’ Andrew Hazelton About The Function Of The Chief Commercial Officer

July 17, 2018 – Glenn Haussman, of No Vacancy Podcasts, is widely recognised as one of the hospitality industry’s top speakers. His varied expertise in all facets of the travel and hotel business, combined with his unique insights and delivery style, makes for appealing and lively sessions that keep audiences engaged. For his latest podcast, Haussman talks to AETHOS Managing Director Andrew Hazelton, wanting to know all about the evolving role of the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

In their conversation, Haussman  wants to firstly understand what specifically a Chief Commercial Officer does and why this relatively new role is so important to both the industry as well as the success of the organisations which employ them. 

Hazelton points out that the CCO-function is somewhat of a new phenomenon in the C-Suite of hospitality organisations around the world. He defines the role of a Chief Commercial Officer as one which is "the keeper of an organisation's customer-facing and revenue generating functions". Hazelton says the function has, in essence, been given the responsibility for four major verticals - for sales, revenue and distribution, as well as e-commerce and brand and marketing communications." 

With hospitality firms starting to move away from traditional structures and bringing together their commercial functions under one single point of leadership, they are de-facto creating "brand captains" who align strategies and are tasked to best serve their businesses, stakeholders and customers.

Haussman points out that it seems that organisations are starting to think more consciously about the customer journey. More on this in the podcast, available here