Prognoses For Lodging And Restaurant Sectors in The US

December 8, 2017 – With just weeks left in the 2017 calendar year, AETHOS Consulting Group in New York, Los Angeles and London have gathered their thoughts and boldly share their predictions, concerns and issues for the coming year. While AETHOS executives focus on issues relative to their respective parts of the globe, issues naturally transcend and impact our industry worldwide.

AETHOS CEO Keith Kefgen, shares commentary regarding labour costs and potential new hotel market segments, while Managing Directors Matt Peterson and Andrew Hazelton also share additional insights – all from a U.S.-based perspective.

Kefgen states:

  • Artificial Intelligence will make a big push into hospitality.
  • Flat growth will become the new normal for businesses.
  • Senior living and other forms of real estate will play more often with hotel companies.
  • Millennials learn that service in king, more than convenience.

Hazelton and Peterson shares the following predictions:

  • Management Leaders will continue to be in high-demand.
  • Hostel concepts will continue to grow in the independent sector.
  • Millennials will continue to dominate the conversation.
  • The addition of sub-brands will dominate the market place.