The US-China Institute Speaks To AETHOS’ Jim Houran About Cultural Differences

July, 2017 – Talking about "business behind the apps", the US China Institute investigated the rise of online dating sites and match-making mobile applications. Intrigued by the arts and science behind the algorithms, its non-partisan publication the US China Today talked to James Houran, Ph.D., Managing Director of AETHOS Consulting Group and its hospitality-specific HR and leadership performance management software division 20I20 Assess.

"Dr. Jim", who helped developed  AETHOS' 20I20 Skills psychometric assessment, spoke to US China Today about understanding cultural differences as well as the psychology behind match-making websites. As a compatibility expert, he pointed out that  American culture, for example, emphasizes individuality whereas Chinese culture places more importance on the community as a collective. Put more simply, an American asks, ‘How does my heart feel?’ whereas a Chinese individual tended to ask, ‘What will other people say?’

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