Wellness And Lifestyle Growth Comes With Challenges In 2019 Says Keith Kefgen

December, 2019 - "The two trends for 2019 that I see are the proliferation of lifestyle hotels and wellness concepts; but there are questions and issues surrounding each," says AETHOS New York Managing Director Keith Kefgen.

Continuing, he comments "although lifestyle hotels have become all the rage, as every major chain is now involved, the real issue is the lack of experienced talent. We have a plethora of mandates that demand previous lifestyle and opening experience. The fact is there are not enough experienced people to fill all these roles. What happens is companies take risks on under-qualified people, who get in over their heads."

In regards to the lifestyle and wellness segment, Kefgen predicts "wages for talent to increase at 2/3 times as much as in other sectors." According to the AETHOS New York Managing Director, "the demand for previous 'experience' will cause a lack of available talent. Likewise, turnover will increase in the sector as people get poached at an alarming rate. I predict the chains will start to move their internal talent into their lifestyle brands, but unfortunately, their lack of experience will water down want makes lifestyle hotels such a draw (cool, independent, irreverent and unique)."

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