• Introducing the “Psychometric SWOT” Exercise for Effective Team Development

    Many businesses are projected to double, even triple, in size over a short time frame, and the pressure this puts on all aspects of the current operation is extreme. One area of particularly potent stress can be the company’s leadership. For example, is the management team that has been running 10 hotels equipped to suddenly manage 20 hotels in the next 12 months? Does the management team have the necessary capabilities to manage new layers of organization, to integrate new accountabilities and to adjust to new lines of authority?

  • Survey On Glassdoor Best Practices Reveals Monitoring By Much Of The Industry

    If traditional “Employee Engagement” or “Opinion Surveys” are akin to what employees and team members say to an organization’s proverbial face, then is what they’re saying behind the organization’s back. Therefore, this particular social media feedback can give companies an opportunity to gain unique insights to help evaluate and improve its internal and external branding. That’s the business case for monitoring Glassdoor in principle. But, what tends to happen in actual practice within organizations? AETHOS recently surveyed more than 50 HR professionals from best practice hospitality companies to understand the extent to which they give credence to and leverage Glassdoor as a business tool.

  • European Gaming: The Dynamic Between Online and Land-Based Casino Operations

    Figures from the European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA) show that the European online gaming and betting market is thriving. [...] Yet, despite the significant size of the sector, online gaming and betting only represented 17.5% of the total gaming market in Europe. [...] Traditional bricks-and-mortar operations will thus continue to generate the bulk of the revenues for the industry. With this in mind, we got in touch with senior casino executives to talk shop.

  • Are Robots and Artificial Intelligence Real-Life Threats to Humans and Their Jobs?

    Robots have reshaped manufacturing, technology, aerospace and online retail/warehouse supply chain structure and process. That same quantum leap is on its way to hospitality just as surely as the computer changed the front desk process late in the twentieth century. Robots entering the hospitality industry will be very different from their fictional counterparts and certainly won't possess the artificial intelligence of the sinister HAL Computer, at least not yet.