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Francesco Jimenez

As Gandhi once said: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I feel very fortunate that I was able to discover a passion for the hospitality industry at a young age. I was immersed in the F&B space as a kid due to my father’s restaurant business in Southeast Asia. I distinctly remember back then advising him on how to make his restaurant experience better for his customers. My dad was my very first client before I even knew what the word ‘consultant’ meant and how it would become a potential career path later in life. I truly believe that serving customers in a restaurant is not all that different from serving corporate clients in a recruiting advisory capacity. I get energized from serving and helping people I come across with in my life. I value the connections I have made thus far and put serious effort in cultivating them. I also enjoy networking and meeting professionals in the hospitality industry. I feel blessed that my passion and interpersonal skills allow me to produce only top notch work.

Francesco is a graduate of Cornell University. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Administration, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He is an LA native and an avid Paris Saint – Germain F.C. fan. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling to foreign countries and learning new languages.