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New York, NY

+1 516 672 5494

Marissa Lucey
Research Associate

I believe the more people you meet, the more you learn. My passion for knowledge has allowed me to cross paths with incredible people and gain valuable insight.

While an undergraduate at Cornell University, Marissa made it a point to take a diverse curriculum, which covered many industries, including hospitality. Marissa also spent her summers exploring the realms of public relations and HR as an intern. Her summer roles, as well as school positions as a University Ambassador and Curator, allowed her to interact and connect with individuals of various backgrounds. She graduated from the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell with a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Studies, with a heavy concentration in Fine Arts. Marissa then started off on her career journey working in the marketing department of a New York City architecture firm. However, Marissa missed the types of interaction she experienced in her previous internships and school positions, and knew the hospitality sector would once again expose her to a variety of people. She joined the AETHOS Team as a Research Associate, a role that allows her to exercise her creative ability and attention to detail. At AETHOS, Marissa is immersed in the world of hospitality and is learning from those most knowledgeable and passionate about the industry – the AETHOS team. She is a Long Island native and beach bum with a lifelong passion for the arts.