Tom Bullen, New York

SVP - Logistics Solutions

"I believe that the manner in which you treat others will determine your personal success in every area of life. Years ago, I read 'The Go Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea', by Bob Burg and John David Mann which crystallized how the idea of karma applies to my business. I have given away hundreds of copies over the years. The core principle of the book is that in order to be successful, we must “give” first without an expectation of receiving anything in return or “pay it forward”. This has become a way of life for me and any success I’ve had can be attribute to living by this principal." After graduating Rutgers University with a BS in Marketing, Tom began his career on Wall St. as a financial analyst at Salomon Brothers Inc. and AXA Financial. In 1997, Tom got the opportunity to shift focus from finance to sales and marketing and never looked back. Over the last 16 years, Tom held a number of sales and marketing leadership roles at AXA Financial and Sun Life Financial where he was most recently National Sales Manager. In 2014 Tom chose a more entrepreneurial path and began consulting to startups as well as small and midsized companies regarding their sales and marketing effectiveness. In 2016, Tom helped instigate the partnership between Axis Global Logistics and AETHOS. Since then, Tom has been instrumental in facilitating and spearheading access for AETHOS' hospitality clients to world class logistics and supply chain management solutions via the Axis platform.


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