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  • Keith Kefgen Matt Peterson Youthfulness of Leadership

    Observations on the Youthfulness of Leadership

    “It this day and age, we see the CEOs getting younger and younger,” Matt Peterson, AETHOS Consulting Group.

  • 02

    The Power Of Advice

    Leading personalities from the hospitality industry delve into the importance of mentorship, listening skills, empathy and objectivity when getting and giving advice. The film follows 20 hospitality leaders through Hong Kong, London, New York and Las Vegas as they oversee their global organizations.

  • John Peterson Keith Kefgen

    John Peterson and Keith Kefgen

    “It was only when we realised that we would be in a better position to serve our clients that we decided to go forward with the merger,” comments John Peterson. Keith Kefgen adds, saying that it came down to “quality”, “scope and size” and “depth and diversity.”

  • paul-whetsell

    Paul Whetsell

    You learn as much from your mistakes as you do from the things that go right,” Paul Whetsell, President and CEO, Loews Hotels.