20|20 SKILLS

AETHOS' 20|20 SkillsTM was uniquely designed to help organizations focus on talent efficiently and effectively. It comes in nine languages and is used by many leading companies in the industry like Royal Caribbean Cruises, Orient-Express Hotels, Papa Gino’s, Viceroy Hotel Group, Minor International, and Crestline Hotels & Resorts. This hospitality-specific assessment is cost-effective because it can be leveraged across the employment cycle:

  • Screening & Selection - choose the right person for the role in your company culture
  • On-Boarding - support new hires
  • Development - retain talent through performance feedback and customized development plans
  • Conflict Resolution - maximize employee and team compatibility
  • Benchmarking - create success profiles to hire and train against
  • Succession Planning - stabilize and grow organizational structure and development

The 20|20 SkillsTM is Internet-based and goes beyond traditional and outdated personality testing to measure ten core competencies that predict performance at all employment levels. The reports summarize an individual's performance across three, broad performance areas in addition to providing action plans that help even newcomers to assessments leverage the results like a seasoned pro:

  • Execution Skills - measuring Self-Effectiveness, Loyalty to Company, Ethical Awareness, Service Orientation
  • People Skills - measuring Team Building, Sense of Humor, Leadership, Sensitivity to Diversity
  • Cognitive Skills - measuring Creativity, Problem Solving

For more information please visit www.2020assess.com or contact Dr. Jim Houran, who is one of the architects of the 20|20 system and a veteran in applied psychological research. He is a recognized expert on peak performance, online testing and interpersonal and organizational compatibility.