Best Practice Due Diligence – a 20|20 Skills™ Case Study

AETHOS Consulting Group’s forward-thinking approaches have established it as a premiere executive search and compensation consulting firm specializing in the hotel, chain restaurant and gaming industries. The company’s impressive placement rate of 96% stems from its business tenet of “Knowledge + Talent = Power.” The firm assesses knowledge and talent through a pioneering Matrix Method for comparing, contrasting and weighing a short list of candidates. In particular, the Matrix Method summarizes and puts in context a myriad of critical information derived from a candidate’s structured behavioral interview, resume, professional references and industry reputation.

We sought an assessment that would support its methods by furnishing objective data on a candidate’s competencies and approach to professional situations – thereby providing a crucial cross-check of information from more subjective sources. In this way the effectiveness of the Matrix Method would be bolstered, and the firm’s competitive edge would be sharpened. Several years have passed since AETHOS adopted the 20|20 Skills™ assessment for this purpose. The firm selected it over outdated, personality-oriented approaches like DiSC, Myers-Briggs or Predictive Index because its content is industry-specific and the analytics are grounded in the statistical gold standard of Item Response Theory (IRT) so as to extract more detailed and accurate information about candidates and to ensure that those results meet legal requirements1. In addition, 20|20 Skills™ measures actual skills, rather than personality traits – which a recent study by members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology demonstrated have little to no power for predicting workplace performance.

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