Myths About Employee Assessments – Debunked!

Have you ever been faced with a recruiting, employee relations or development situation that posed the following challenges… How can I identify and retain top talent? When doing succession planning, who are the best candidates for promotion?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of a given work team, and how can I maximize that team’s performance?

  • How can I hire in a way that will reduce turnover?
  • How do I tell whether a candidate will perform well in our company culture?

Small and large businesses alike do not consistently resolve these issues in effective ways. Although assessments can significantly streamline and improve recruitment and training, they are neither universally used nor always trusted by professionals. From our experience, this is partly due to misconceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of assessments. Instead of fiction, this article presents the inside “FAQs.” In this article, we present insider information that debunks common beliefs about employee assessments, and helps companies decide whether the use of assessments is in the best interest of their business. Read the myths here.


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