U.S. Chain Restaurant CEO/CFO Compensation Study 2007

Due to recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changes public compensation data for executive officers has become more transparent than ever.  In late 2006 the SEC raised the bar by requiring greater disclosure requirements allowing everyone interested to better understand what executives earn in Total Compensation. Our 2007 Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer Compensation Report (Chain Restaurant Edition) profiles detailed compensation information and trends as it pertains to these two positions.  Whether you are a shareholder, equity investor, shareholder activist, compensation committee director or just someone interested in chain restaurant executive compensation I am confident you will find this report of interest

It is our pleasure to offer you a complimentary copy of the US Chain Restaurant CEO/CFO Compensation Study 2007. The study addresses trends in total compensation for two of the most senior level positions and I am confident you will find the report of interest. Download your copy of the report here.