AETHOS MD Thomas Mielke Speaks At The Young Hoteliers Summit About The Pitfalls and Challenges in 21st Century Management And Leadership

March, 2019 - The 10th Edition of the Young Hoteliers Summit, to be held March 25-27 at Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, seeks to celebrate and illustrate the great diversity and width to which the hospitality industry has progressed.

While relying on traditionally inspired business models, today's hospitality sector has developed into a multifaceted landscape, where the continuous evolution of consumer behaviour and the growing power of online disruptors have substantially impacted the number of stakeholders and, thereby, increased the industry's complexity significantly. In order to honour YHS's anniversary and its associated accomplishments, the 10th Edition aims to narrate hospitality success stories and simultaneously build a roadmap for the future leaders of the industry.

"Envisioning - Defining - Succeeding - Three powerful words guiding the content for three insightful days"

On day two, participants will be invited to a panel discussion on "The Pitfalls and Challenges in 21st Century Management and Leadership" - a session which will discuss topics such as the talent shortages in skilled hospitality labour, the  inherent need for greater diversity in the hospitality industry and how to advance this transformation, as well as shifts in organisational cultures and organisational structures. 

AETHOS London-based Managing Director Thomas Mielke will participate in the panel discussion alongside Eugenio Pirri, Chief People and Culture Officer at the Dorchester Collection, Michael Hirschler, Director People and Culture at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, as well as Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Western Switzerland at SWISS International Air Lines and Niko Viramo, Director Onboard Operations at Viking Cruises.