AETHOS Research Study: Evidence-Based Hiring

Interested in receiving an advanced report on AETHOS' findings from the field that will help you screen and select line-level team members more effectively?

Contact James Houran, Ph.D., AETHOS' organisational psychologist, at [email protected]

A Recruiting Game-Changer - “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill” is a common HR saying, but no one has yet cracked the psychometric code for ‘attitude’ – or what we call the “Hospitality X Factor.” Therefore, in collaboration with Professor Bruce Tracey, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, AETHOS is developing a short, mobile version of 20|20 Skills™ that’s designed specifically for fast screening and selection of non-management applicants with the X Factor.

It will work by targeting four critical characteristics that define high performers in line-level roles of all types. AETHOS' preliminary research suggests that employees with the “X Factor” are especially (a) conscientious, (b) hospitable, (c) adaptable and (d) trainable.

The final tool will deliver a quick, easy-to-read and actionable 1-page report that gives an evidence-based hiring recommendation based on these four variables and a unique predictive algorithm.