Forbes Human Resources Council Seeks Experts’ Advice on ‘Standing Out From The Crowd’

March, 2019 - "Every year, it feels as if the job hunt gets more and more nuanced as markets saturate, technology evolves and what employers are looking for changes to match. For those reason and more, job seekers by and large know that their chances of landing their dream job starts with gaining the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager among a flood of other applicants. It is absolutely crucial that a potential new hire stands out in some positive or memorable way, preferably both. Yet, which methods really work? Not every method will work for everyone, as personality type, skills and the company atmosphere all need to be taken into account before applying any outside-of-the-box ideas.

To help executives decide which methods may just work for themselves on the job hunt, 15 members of Forbes Human Resources Council have been asked to share the most memorable things candidates have done to stand out from the rest during the application process, and how current job seekers can learn from them.

AETHOS New York-based Managing Director Keith Kefgen commented: "Applicants are more than a piece of paper. The best candidates I have come in contact with understand how to make it personal. I have had candidates invite me for coffee or an event they are hosting; it becomes a much more meaningful interaction. We are part of the human race, and if you want to win the race, you need to connect in a meaningful way."

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