HR Talent & Insiders: Video Chat On Psychometric Assessments

July 03 - Gustavo Serbia, an accomplished HR executive with experience in the hospitality, aviation and real estate sectors, invites AETHOS' James Houran, Ph.D.,  to talk about human resources, workforce engagement and talent management. In the video chat, Gustavo and 'Dr. Jim', AETHOS' in-house  workplace psychologist and practice leader of its performance management division 20I20 Assess, exchange their views on psychometric assessments and how those can help organizations to not only select but also to develop talent.

Specifically, Houran highlights that personality traits are unreliable predictors of workplace performance. "Personality traits do not always tell you what someone can do - as far as their tactical work, or what they can do as it relates to people management, or how they think and act on information". Using personality as a selection tool opens up organizations to bias, he cautions, and thus also opens up risk issues for the organization. Instead, he argues, it is much better - and more consistent - to use competencies and character traits as means to predict job performance and development potential. 

For access to the full video interview, click here.