IMHI Essec Business School Invites AETHOS’ Thomas Mielke to Host MBA Roundtable Discussion

May 4 - IMHI Essec Business School will be organising an interactive roundtable discussion for its MBA students, to be held May 26. Focused on exploring the post-pandemic business landscape, the Paris-based leading hospitality institution invited AETHOS' London-based Managing Director Thomas Mielke to share his insights, thoughts and advice.

With the industry having been forced to a virtual stand-still during the COVID pandemic, Mielke will be outlining some best practices and insights learned from leading hospitality organisations across the globe in coping with this level of adversity. Have certain industry sub-segments outperformed others? Have leaders identified business strategies which have helped to successfully reposition their organisations in a post-pandemic environment? Which short- to mid-term tactics were implemented to strengthen the cash position of organisations and to stay 'top of mind' with consumers? At the same time, Mielke will be sharing observations about the recruitment landscape,  the difference in the speed of recovery in Asia, Europe and North America, and the opportunities which present themselves with investors and new hospitality concepts once the 'relaunch' of the sector has commenced.   

Executives interested in getting in touch with Thomas can contact him on [email protected].