International Hospitality Media Invites AETHOS’ Thomas Mielke to Share Insights on the Impact of Lost Talent

Sept 14 - Engage!,  in collaboration with International Hospitality Media and the Urban Living Festival, invites AETHOS' London-based Managing Director Thomas Mielke to speak at its upcoming event, held September 24. The roundtable discussion will be an interactive virtual event, and provide participants with the opportunity to share insights, comments and questions with other delegates and panellists.

Mielke will be speaking about the impact of 'lost talent' within the corporate travel sector and talk about the short-sightedness of a 'hiring-and firing' mentality - and ultimately how organisations are planning to plug the skills (and knowledge) gap created by the major rounds of redundancies that the industry is currently experiencing. Discussing how best to cope with the changing business landscape in the travel and hospitality industry, the emphasis will, however, be on providing practical guidance to those looking to redirect their professional careers. Mielke will thus also be speaking specifically about tips as it relates to executives looking to secure their next job in a challenging employment market and point to the areas where one does still see recruitment activity and growth. 

Executives interested in getting in touch with Thomas can contact him on [email protected].