Interview: HR And Its Role In Managing Covid, And Building A Sustainable Business

July 10 - Hospitality Inside's Susanne Stauss speaks with AETHOS' London-based Managing Director Thomas Mielke about the human resources challenges faced by the hospitality industry during times of Covid; and about managing costs, company restructurings and 'learning to let go'.

Mielke highlights the importance for management to "keep the long game in mind" and for its senior executives to "reserve a seat at the board table for the HR department so that it can align people strategies with the business needs". He cautions leadership teams to strike the right balance between survival in the short-term and running a sustainable growing business in the months and years post Covid. Undoubtedly, "companies and their employees will face greater pressure, and they will consequently have to adapt much more quickly to these new post-Covid business environments [...]. Great companies and leaders will recognize that issues such as coaching and re-skilling, but also proactive support and management of burn-outs, will be 'mission-critical' to better handle the aftermath of what we are experiencing now."

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