Is Hospitality A Career Or A Job?

June, 2019 - Hotels Magazine's summer 2019 issue is looking at a variety of different human capital, talent and labour topics. From labour shortages to diversity at a firm's leadership level to the #MeToo movement - various industry experts are sharing their thoughts on those hot topic, including AETHOS' New York-based Managing Director Keith Kefgen.

Kefgen particularly hones-in on the question of whether hospitality is a career or a job? And, how does the industry attract and retain talent when there are so many other choices competing for it? 

Kefgen highlights a number of key issues which the sector will need to urgently address to improve the situation:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Leadership Education
  • Innovation

Commenting on the above, Kefgen says "Only when we are prepared to pay the best will we get the best." He also encourages "educators and industry leaders to encourage a lifetime of learning and a system for 'making' better leaders. You do not need to be big or have a big budget to be a great place to work, it takes dedication, passion and commitment," he says. 

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