Seatrade Cruise Events And AETHOS Set-Up ‘CruiseTalk’ On Sourcing Service Superstars

June 23 - Seatrade Cruise Events, the leading global cruise industry conference organizer,  announces a series of 'virtual conversations', webinars and podcasts with cruise professionals and industry leaders from around the world.

The 'SeatradeCruiseTalks' will focus on the challenges of the current - and future - business environment. 

The upcoming webinar, moderated by Ryan Stana and held on July 9, will be on the topic of "How Covid-19 Will Affect the Future of Food & Beverage, and Hotel Operations". On July 16, a roundtable discussion will be held on the strategies for the manufacturing and cruise supplier community.

AETHOS' Managing Director James Houran, Ph.D., will share insights on sourcing service superstars during his webinar on July 23.  He aims to make the hiring decision of cruise executives' more effective and efficient by sharing new research and the resulting psychometric CHAT model that characterizes high performers in line-level roles. The components of the CHAT model work together to identify individuals most likely to remain both engaged and loyal in service-driven cultures. The identification of the “Hospitality X-Factor” is the result of a large-scale study by AETHOS Consulting Group and Cornell University.

For more information, or to register for any of the upcoming events, click here