Statement on Bob Iger Stepping Down as CEO

Keith Kefgen, CEO of AETHOS Consulting Group

Monday March 2, 2020

“Just a few weeks ago, AETHOS released our Annual Lodging CEO Compensation Survey indicating that the highest paid Lodging CEO is Disney’s Bob Iger at $65 million, with a take home bonus of $18 million ,and  the largest of the stock grants (valued at $43 million) – as his compensation in 2019.

Last week, Disney announced that Iger stepped down as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and has assumed the role of Executive Chairman directing the firm’s creative endeavors. Bob Chapek is Disney’s new CEO, most recently serving as chairman of the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

While the announcement seemed to catch many by surprise, it is no secret that the company backtracked his retirement a few times already. Congratulations to Iger for leaving the company strong and at a high point. He’s been incredibly successful; this departure is not nefarious. Iger’s delivered during his 15 year reign. In fact, he hasn’t stepped out – he’s actually stepping up. He’ll still be well paid and will leave for his eventual retirement --   on top.

As Iger himself stated in his written announcement, with his successful launch of the Disney direct-to-consumer businesses and the integration of Twenty-First Century Fox underway, this is an optimal time for a transition.

Iger was with the company for 45 years of which 15 were as CEO. We wish Iger well and thank him for his extraordinarily successful run.

During his tenure, Iger oversaw the acquisition of Marvel Studios, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, all of which produced films that shattered box office records. Under his leadership, 21st Century Fox came into Disney's fold, resulting in a new roster of intellectual property for the nearly 100-year-old company.

In 2019, he unveiled Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and at Walt Disney World to incredible fanfare. But among his final acts as CEO — and arguably one of the most important of his tenure — was the launch of Disney+, a streaming service with exclusive programs to compete with Netflix.

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Keith Kefgen, New York
CEO & Managing Director

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