The Annual Hotel Conference Invites AETHOS’ Thomas Mielke to Host A Career Roundtable Discussion

Oct 1 - The Annual Hotel Conference (AHC), organised by Questex and normally held in Manchester, has moved online. For its upcoming virtual event, held October 8-9, it invited AETHOS' London-based Managing Director Thomas Mielke to host a career roundtable discussion.

Mielke will be facilitating a conversation which will aim to provide practical tips, tricks and pointers as it relates to one's job hunt. Recognising that staying in the right frame of mind is crucial for maintaining optimism and morale, he will talk participants through strategies which can help boost confidence and heighten one's sense of control in situations which are currently so much impacted by external factors. Mielke will also look to guide and direct the roundtable participants in their search - specifically by pointing out the industry segments and business fields which still show growth and recruitment activity.  Lastly, he will ensure that delegates walk away from the roundtable with tactics which can help them 'sniff out' opportunities before they come to the market and advice which will help them 'stand out from the crowd' when getting the foot into the door with potential employers.    

Executives interested in getting in touch with Thomas can contact him on [email protected].