"Aligning business practices with people practices to produce extraordinary customer experiences"

20|20 Assess® is a suite of products and services aimed towards maximising your human capital ROI.  Under the umbrella of our 'Business Strategy & Implementation' services, AETHOSTM assists clients to develop the best path to organisational success, ensuring real and sustained performance breakthroughs. Our collective expertise in psychometrics, organisational psychology and the hospitality industry allows us to plan, support and execute customised performance management programs – at the individual, team or organisational level. 

Primary services include:

  • Culture creation or transformation: Whether you are part of a new business venture, merger, acquisition or experiencing organisational entropy, we can help align attitudes, values, goals and practices to produce an extraordinary service culture.
  • Strategic planning, execution and performance tracking: We facilitate the development of strategic plans and rigorously track performance to ensure intended outcomes. 
  • Organisational effectiveness and succession planning: We evaluate your bench-strength and help create an organisational structure that leverages successor identification, ongoing development and retention strategies.
  • Employee engagement and culture assessment: Our range of diagnostics provides reliable readings of your organisation against industry benchmarks, enabling you to effectively intervene and improve employee engagement.
  • Team building, dynamics and development: We solidify teams through training and experiential sessions that move beyond employee compliance, towards the highest standards of personal and group fulfillment.
  • Leadership development and coaching: We apply leading edge science to help leaders evolve from a traditional management mentality to attitudes and behaviours grounded in 'servant leadership'.

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