No two organisations are identical. Each business has its own culture and heartbeat. Although we endorse many industry best practices, AETHOSTM therefore believes that tailored solutions are superior to canned approaches.  Each engagement is consequently a custom-built solution based on specific client needs and requirements, incorporating more esoteric elements of a client's company with its strategy, structure and pay. Sample assignments include:

Total Compensation Structure

  • Development of a rewards philosophy and guiding principles
  • Identification of a peer group
  • Guidance on total compensation structure, including base salary, short- and long-term incentive opportunities
  • Total compensation and best practices competitive analyses
  • Total compensation communication and education
  • Employment and severance agreements

Incentive Plan Design

  • Advice on short- and long-term incentive plan design: targets, measures and weightings
  • Designs targeted to executive compensation
  • Competitive analyses on data and best practice trends

Board Advisory/Compensation Consultant on Record

  • Guidance on establishing a compensation committee
  • Recommendations on a peer group for executive compensation comparisons
  • External competitive analyses for executive positions
  • Participation in regular or special compensation committee meetings
  • Design of short- and long-term incentive plans, including mix, measures, grant types and individual recommendations
  • Contribution to the draft of the compensation discussion and analysis section of annual proxy statement
  • Guidance on compensation during mergers and acquisitions
  • Review of non-employee board director compensation designs and individual recommendations
  • Assistance with communicating and implementing new or revised executive compensation programs
  • Advice on contract negotiations for new hires and existing executive officers