"Through the transparency of the process and the coach’s role, we create focus and clarity around the actions that a leader needs to take on their own"

AETHOSTM adopts a practical, evidenced-based approach to addressing all varieties of leadership and workplace issues. We leverage our international experts in tests and measurements, social sciences, computer science and business management to provide you with customised solutions.

Our approaches apply to individual, team and organisational development. For this reason, our innovative approaches have been published in major peer-reviewed academic journals such as the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Personality and Individual Differences, British Journal of Psychology and Perceptual & Motor Skills. Our systems and expertise have also been profiled in Forbes.com, A&E, CNN, Today Show, Court TV, Psychology Today, New Scientist and USA Today, and our articles and research have been highlighted by several industry journals including 4hoteliers.com, TTG Global Publishing, Daily Hotel Industry News, Enterprise Innovation, Forbes.com, Global Hospitality Newsletter and Daily Restaurant Industry News, ConventionSouth Magazine and Hospitality Magazine.

Typically, executive coaching or leadership programs - part of the 20I20 Assess® suite of products and services - span a number of months. Engagements will include numerous coaching touch-points per month, face-to-face or via video conferencing facilities, as well as regular checkpoints with key stakeholders to review behavioural progress and frequent touch-points with the coaching-client to review observers' feedback.

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