AETHOSTM believes in the arts and science of the executive search profession. Our five-step approach gives structure and accountability to any recruiting engagement, delivering superior results:

STEP 1 - Needs Analysis & Job Profile: Based on discussions with you, we fine-tune the job parameters and identify the professional and personal qualifications you require in an ideal candidate. A written Opportunity Profile is developed to define the structure and attractiveness of your recruitment proposition.

STEP 2 – Research & Identification: A research plan is developed to identify the field of potential candidates. This plan uses our extensive research skills, our proprietary recruiting database and our broad industry network. Targeted candidates are contacted and screened to ascertain interest and compatibility. A weekly conference call is scheduled to keep you up-to-date on the search assignment.

STEP 3 – Assessment & Recommendation: Standard behavioural interviews are conducted covering critical criteria, including work experience, management style, personal characteristics, and cultural fit. Candidates also complete our 20I20 Skills®  executive assessment to gauge a candidate’s Execution, People and Cognitive Skills relative to worldwide norms. The 20I20 Skills®  is the only HR assessment tool specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Extensive reviews of the top candidates are presented to you and meetings are scheduled with the selected individuals. We will also provide advice on market and compensation trends as well as the structure and attractiveness of your recruitment proposition.

STEP 4 – Feedback & Offer: Feedback from all parties is reviewed to measure interest and determine a course of action. In the event further analysis is needed, our in-house experts are available for one-on-one consultation. At your discretion, we may participate in employment negotiations with the prospective executive.

STEP 5 – Post-Placement Follow-Up: Your consulting team will discuss the acclimation and fit of your placement at critical milestones, recommended at 3 and 9 months. In this way, your team has added leverage during the critical on-boarding and acclimation phase.