"Research reveals that talent is one the most under-managed corporate assets of recent decades"

20|20 Assess® is a suite of products and services aimed towards maximising your human capital ROI - the flagship 20|20 Skills® assessment, developed by AETHOSTM, forms an integral part of this offering . It is a psychometric assessment and talent management tool specifically developed for the hospitality industry, targeting mid-management and senior leadership functions. It can be utilised throughout the employment cycle and measures ten core competencies that predict performance at all employment levels. It is available in various languages and requires only 45 minutes to complete online.

AETHOS'  20|20 XF™ assessment has been developed to assist service-driven organisations to quickly and accurately assess candidates in entry-level or client-facing functions. It is an AI-backed psychometric assessment geared towards identifying individuals with the Hospitality XFactor™.  Using gamification to engage users, and based on latest cutting-edge psychometric research, it measures in under 4-minutes how well candidates perform in four categories of traits and tendencies needed for success in dynamic, quick-pace, and high-pressure service settings: Conscientiousness, Hospitableness, Adaptability, and Trainability. 

The rational for conducting assessments in the first place? People too often are hired or promoted out of a subjective 'feel good' factor rather than via a process that evaluates a person's skills, knowledge areas and attitudes objectively. The business case for talent assessment at any level of seniority is clear:

  • Due diligence saves and makes money. The costs of failed hires are substantial according to recent studies. Even for the low-level positions a failed hire costs a company double the person's salary. At higher levels, the cost can be six times the salary.
  • Job fit maximises profitability. "Engaged" employees show significantly greater productivity and morale. This is critical, since customer satisfaction and loyalty are related to employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Employee retention equals money retention. Employees stay with organisations that offer development opportunities which are especially meaningful to their career stability and advancement.

All this totals to a significant ROI. For instance, a popular study discovered that talent driven companies of the Fortune 500 experienced nearly 82% greater profit than their competitor.

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