Conducting employee opinion surveys is an effective way to having a pulse on the organisation. AETHOSTM works together with its clients in creating and administering highly effective and validated survey which are customized to their specific and unique needs and language requirements.

An AETHOS-powered employee opinion survey, part of the 20I20 Assess suite of products and services, generates reports immediately after the survey is closed. These reports will give client organisations an executive summary as well as specific data and recommendations / action plans for people practices and business practices compared to the company benchmark and global industry norms. Categories covered include: (1) Entrepreneurship ["I am encouraged to be innovative at work"], (2) Realism ["My supervisor gives me a good sense of job security"], (3) Service ["We follow through on our commitments to our customers"], (4) Integrity ["My supervisor is a good role model of our core values"], (5) Individual ["My performance evaluations are given to me on time"], and (6)Partnership ["We have good communication throughout this company"].

Reports can also be generated based on specific division, department or team filters – so the data can get as granular as needed. AETHOS also backs its survey with expert and engaging interpretation and facilitation services so clients and their employees will understand and be motivated to action the results.



It takes organisational commitment and discipline to establish and support a 360 Review process as part of a firm's company culture. AETHOS helps client organisations in successfully developing and managing such 360 Review programs and implementing them into a comprehensive performance management program.

Traditional 360 approaches often inadvertently promote biased ratings that distort results and undermine professional development. This is why AETHOS uses Item Response Theory to launch the new gold standard in the industry that is valid across entry level, mid-management and senior level roles. The tool combines the accountability and benefit of peer-reviews with the need for standardized, legally-defensible assessment across the major Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the hospitality industry.

Our system is fully scalable and customizable. It allows you to tailor review forms to specific roles or employment levels. We cover ten broad competencies that can be mixed and matched across entry level, mid-management or senior levels: Analysis & Writing Skills, Coaching/ Training, Communication, Decision Making, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Planning/ Work Allocation, Quality & Customer Focus, Relationship Building and Teamwork. Reports give summaries, detailed scores on knowledge areas, skills or duties along with action plans for areas of development. This tool can be used with one or multiple raters. You can create 360 Reviews using content selected from our library of 200 industry-validated questions.  Evaluations can therefore be as general or detailed as needed.