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Mid-Management and Senior Level Functions: 20|20 Skills® was uniquely designed by AETHOSTM to help organisations focus on talent efficiently and effectively. It comes in various languages and is used by many leading companies in the industry like Royal Caribbean Cruises, Orient-Express Hotels, Papa Gino’s, Viceroy Hotel Group, Minor International, and Crestline Hotels & Resorts. This hospitality-specific assessment is cost-effective because it can be leveraged across the employment cycle:

  • Screening & Selection - choose the right person for the role in your company culture
  • On-Boarding - support new hires
  • Development - retain talent through performance feedback and customised development plans
  • Conflict Resolution - maximize employee and team compatibility
  • Benchmarking - create success profiles to hire and train against
  • Succession Planning - stabilise and grow organisational structure and development

The assessment is Internet-based and goes beyond traditional and outdated personality testing to measure ten core competencies that predict performance at all employment levels. The reports summarise an individual's performance across three, broad performance areas in addition to providing action plans that help even newcomers to assessments leverage the results like a seasoned pro:

  • Execution Skills - measuring Self-Effectiveness, Loyalty to Company, Ethical Awareness, Service Orientation
  • People Skills - measuring Team Building, Sense of Humour, Leadership, Sensitivity to Diversity
  • Cognitive Skills - measuring Creativity, Problem Solving

Entry-Level and Client-Facing Functions: AETHOS'  20|20 XF® assessment is based on the modern concept of contextual performance, which refers to a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are relevant across a wide array of roles and settings. Developed to identify individuals with the Hospitality X-FactorTM, it hones-in on those candidates who excel in four very specific categories of traits and tendencies which research has identified as critical for success in dynamic, quick-pace, and high-pressure service settings. They are based on 13 characteristics that define and describe high-performing 'service superstars', and, together, describe the CHAT model. This concept describes Conscientiousness, Hospitableness, Adaptability, and Trainability. 

Using gamification to engage users, the 20|20 XF® assessment quickly measures via a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered screening mechanism how well a candidate matches the psychometric profile of individuals who are:

  • Attentive to details in guest needs
  • Exhibit a friendly and authentic style
  • Nimble and adaptable to changes
  • Solve issues and problems creatively

Answering 50+ preferences in only a few minutes, the  20|20 XF® assessment gives evidence-based hiring recommendations in the form of an easy to read one-page report. It thus shortens time-to-hire by evaluating and prioritising interview candidates, reduces subjectivity in screening and selection through evidence-based analytics, and bolsters behavioural interviews with user-specific questions for added risk management. 

Both assessments use Item Response Theory (IRT), the gold standard statistical approach used in popular educational achievement tests like GRE, MCAT, LSAT and GMAT, thus providing superior reliability and validity and helping to protect against biased scores and inaccurate results. For more information please visit or contact Dr. Jim Houran, who is one of the architects of the 20|20 system and a veteran in applied psychological research. He is a recognised expert on peak performance, online testing and interpersonal and organisational compatibility.