"Engaged employees show significantly greater productivity, morale and retention"

Under the umbrella of 20I20 Assess - a suite of products and services aimed towards maximising your human capital ROI - AETHOSTM assists clients in driving the bottom line and improving employee engagement and retention. Research confirms that the most productive and successful organisations maintain effective internal and external relationships - optimal alignment between people and business practices is therefore a critical measure of success.

Unfortunately, too many organisations never evaluate themselves impartially and professionally. This provides an opportunity for client organisations to better leverage their in-house  talent as a competitive advantage. Well-conducted surveys - such as employee opinion surveys or 360 reviews - are therefore strategic business tools that can contribute directly to the bottom line of any size business.

  • Employee Opinion Surveys: Investigations show that employee surveys add at least 0.70% to the balance sheet when organisations action the results. Engaged employees show significantly greater productivity, morale and retention. This is critical, since customer satisfaction and loyalty are related to employee satisfaction and engagement. Surveys work because your associates have valuable vantage points from which you can learn and benefit. Inviting associate feedback boosts a sense of recognition, value and company ownership in employees. And survey results guide revisions to people and business practices so as to enhance efficiency, accountability and profitability.
  • 360 Reviews: A key study found that 360-degree (or multi-rater feedback) has been used by approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies. The popularity of 360 Reviews is undeniable. They are an evaluation that compares an individual’s self-assessment to performance feedback from multiple sources or perspectives – direct reports, peers, superiors and even external partners and customers. From this feedback, individuals set goals for self-development that simultaneously advance their career and benefit the organization. 360 Reviews thus bring significant structure to the appraisal process and are most effective in organisational cultures that value and foster personal growth.

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