Glenn Haussman, Publisher 'No Vacancy News' and 'No Vacancy' podcast host:  Being an effective leader, many times, means being alone. It’s a harsh truth that resonates with many of those steering companies into the future as dedicated CEOs. But for those just starting their careers, it’s a bizarre concept. But what seems odd is true: The higher up the career ladder one climbs, the more likely they are to become isolated. It’s quite difficult nurturing personal relationships the higher one ascends in a company: how can one keep workplace personal connections strong when one person reports to the other. There is too much subtext and tension to have a relationship as equals. For those looking to lead, or drawn to leadership positions, it becomes about dealing with the eventual loneliness and how to be focused and prepare now for this potential career eventuality. I read [the Loneliness of Leadership] to learn about, and better understand, this ‘loneliness’ phenomenon. [The authors Kefgen and Houran] llustrate their points through examples of bending the isolating experience into career success. [The book] includes incredible insight from industry icons, such as Mike Leven, Jonathan Tisch and Hamish Dodds.

Niki Leondakis, CEO Equinox Fitness Clubs (formerly CEO Two Roads Hospitality & Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants): “One aspect of the book that I liked is that I related to so many of the anecdotes shared by the other leaders who were interviewed… Having a mentor, while it may sound cliché, is so terribly important. AETHOS hit that point in the book spot on. Speaking for myself, as a female leader in our industry, I found it difficult to find another person like me to serve as my mentor; however, I have been blessed to have some invaluable mentors throughout my career. And having a trusted ‘personal board of advisors’ absolutely holds true for me as well. I can go on, but there was much in the book that validated my own experiences and I’m happy to share these realities with rising leaders – not only in our industry, but across any discipline.”


Jonathan Tisch, Co-Chairman of the Board of Loews Corporation and Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels: “The Loneliness of Leadership is an essential read for anyone looking for new insights on leadership. Through the use of extensive research, interviews with hospitality industry leaders and relying upon years of professional experience, Keith Kefgen reveals to the reader the many aspects of leadership that are often difficult to quantify. Whatever field you endeavor, The Loneliness of Leadership has something for anyone who hopes to explore cutting edge ideas and theories about leadership.”

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