About Us

AETHOS Consulting Group is the world’s largest hospitality-focused executive search and advisory firm, renowned for its hands-on, consultative and bottom-line business approach. In 2016, AETHOS merged with U.S. west-coast based Greger/Peterson Associates, Inc. to form a global powerhouse consultancy firm for clients in the lodging, restaurant, gaming and private equity sectors. Through its offices in North America, Europe and Asia, AETHOS provides reputable, experienced and superior executive search, compensation consulting, business strategy, and performance, risk and asset management advisory services.

In March 2016, AETHOS has published its first book “The Loneliness of Leadership”, revealing the realistic yet motivational perspectives of becoming a leader in the service industry. Clients watching AETHOS’ award-winning film “The Power of Advice” will hear first-hand about the challenges that leading hospitality personalities and their organizations have had to overcome – a task our principals are determined to assist with through expertise, transparency, integrity and humility.

AETHOS’ research and white papers provide industry stakeholders with valuable insights and best practices that can dramatically improve business performance.

AETHOS: The characteristic spirit of a culture or community as manifested in its beliefs & aspirations.

We are a group of hospitality experts that value and embody:

  • Global citizenship in our perspective and recommendations
  • Honesty and transparency in our communications
  • Open-mindedness and flexibility in our thoughts and conclusions
  • Resilience in difficult times and situations
  • Humility and servant leadership in our dealings with others
  • Collaboration and the collective wisdom of teams
  • Innovation in helping our clients become market leaders
  • Hospitality in our lives and actions
  • Sustainability in our personal and professional endeavors
  • Meaning in every interaction with each other, our clients and communities.