Our mission is to assist client organizations drive better business results through customized compensation and benefits programs. As an outside advisor, we provide independent and objective advice on the structure of executive pay and justifiable pay-for-performance metrics. Our practice leaders understand the underlying business measures that drive success in the hospitality industry.


Depending on a client organization’s need, we provide support through data, programming, and advisory services.


Any thoughtful compensation analysis starts with current and accurate data. As such, we conduct regular compensation surveys of the hospitality industry and stay current on trends affecting pay. We also conduct custom surveys at client requests that consider a range of criteria specific to their circumstances. With a wealth of experience in this arena, AETHOS™ has become a trusted source of data throughout the industry.


Overall philosophy related to pay is the foundation of any effective compensation program. Every engagement starts with helping our client formally articulate their beliefs toward pay and how that justifies pay structures. Most clients come to us for program solutions in short and long-term incentive design. It is where the greatest amount of pain and consternation exists. Incentive plan design is crucial to the overall alignment between company objectives and how much their workforce gets paid. Considerations for metrics, targets, caps, performance, and a host of other criteria must be contemplated when devising a new short or long-term plan.

Advisory Services

Our advisory service typically begins with a comprehensive review of overall compensation (Total Direct Compensation) as well as company objectives. From there, we make recommendations for plan improvement and consistency. In conducting a competitive evaluation, “Peer Group” selection is of critical importance. Without collective agreement on a Peer Group, any compensation engagement is doomed to failure. We provide defensible selections through our industry knowledge and key measures such as segment, size, location, business model, and public/private status. We have a history of advising some of the largest publicly traded companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Working with Compensation Committees, we aim to provide overall compensation review for Named Executive Officers (NEOs) as well as Independent Directors. By retaining AETHOS™, boards can be assured that governance and compliance are always a top priority.