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CEO Pay in Hospitality 2023

As part of our study, we aim to identify CEOs who earned their pay and others who were overpaid according to our pay-for-performance model. The model factors stock and EBITDA growth over a three-year period and compares that to company size and CEO total pay. The result is an index that shows if a CEO was over or underpaid relative to their peers.

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Applied Psychometrics, Vol. 2: Supporting Personal Development

It is not always easy to be truly objective about oneself. When discussing career development programs, AETHOS™ often talks about the importance of a personal board of advisors – individuals who know the person in question from different walks of life. They can speak to professional as well as personal strengths or challenges. Besides mentorship programs, organisations can, however, also support their employees through other means.

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Applied Psychometrics, Vol. 1: Fostering Employee Loyalty

The current economic and geo-political context is putting refreshed strain on the sentiment across many markets. The question now more frequently being raised by functional leaders is, “How do we as an organisation ensure to keep our workforce that we have so painstakingly rebuilt just months ago? And, “How do we foster loyalty when financial resources are being squeezed?” [...] Psychometrics can be applied to assess cultural fit, to spot development potential for executives, or to identify areas in which an individual is likely to be able to significantly drive performance. Looking at them through the lens of wanting to drive loyalty, the answers for the following five questions should be found [...]

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