Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world – and AETHOS Consulting Group is expanding to meet that demand.

What we are looking for?

AETHOS is looking for passionate individuals with interests in executive search, performance management, strategic planning, and most importantly, the hospitality industry. Candidates for consulting positions will have a Master’s in Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Human Resources, or a related field.

Chris Mumford, our Managing Director in London, describes the required skills as “a hybrid of professional experiences, strong personal and professional values, and a desire to have fun working with smart people.

What is it like to work at AETHOS?

AETHOS was founded on the principles of superior client service, deep understanding and application of the industry and process, teamwork, and being competitively rewarded for your contribution to the firm.

Many of our team members have been working together for several years and are learning from, and working with, each other. Andrew Hazelton, our Managing Director in New York, describes working at AETHOS as “an engaging and stimulating atmosphere, where you are constantly working with clients on key strategic decisions, helping them become the best in the industry.

What is Your AETHOS?

AETHOS means the characteristic spirit manifested in beliefs and aspirations. Successful candidates will embody the AETHOS values including global citizenship, honesty and transparency, open-mindedness, flexibility, resilience, collaboration, and innovation.

Managing Director and CEO Keith Kefgen describes the discussion we all had in our first strategic meeting: “We kept talking about what makes a good company, what values a good team has, and what will everyone’s ethos be. And so we decided to name the company AETHOS.

What will you be doing at AETHOS?

AETHOS is a small, but growing, global team. Our consultants will work closely with Managing Directors to learn about the AETHOS process and our clients. David Mansbach, Managing Director in New York describes all roles in the organization as where “you check your ego at the door, learn from those around you, and have new challenges every day.

What is the AETHOS hiring process?

If you are interested in working with AETHOS Consulting Group, please send your CV to Keith Kefgen. Qualified candidates will have discussions with several members of the AETHOS team from around the world, including our industrial psychologist, Dr. James Houran. As part of the process, candidates will take our 20|20 Skills™ assessment profile.