A Level Playing Field for Salaries?

A-Level results in the UK hit another record high this year with more than a quarter of exam takers scoring an A grade. The result is a large number of highly contented, beaming 18-year olds heading to the pubs to celebrate and bask in the promise of a bright future comprising three licentious years of university followed by an enriching professional career. Joining them at the bar will most probably be the very university professors who will end up responsible for their next formative step. For the University and College Employers Association recently reported that salaries of university staff rose 4% between 2006 and 2007. Salary levels in Higher Education are rising higher and quicker than in any other public sector and certainly puts salary increases of 2.5% for nurses, 2.2% for doctors, and 2.5% for teachers in the shade. So those celebrating their A-Level results may wish to bear this in mind when choosing their future career and decide to pursue a longer-term life in academia. Chris Mumford directs this year's crop of graduates in search of money towards sales and marketing jobs in the luxury hotel sector in a guest article for Hotel Report. Download the full article here.