Become a More Efficient Internet Recruiter and Attract the Best Talent


Today nearly all hospitality companies are using job boards as part of their recruitment strategy. These sites have two primary functions for employers: job postings, to which job seekers can apply directly and a resume database, in which employers can search for candidates. While technology and features may differ slightly between websites, there are clear strategies that companies can utilize which will make their internet recruitment process more manageable and will enable them to consistently attract the best talent.

It is important to understand that these two functions will garner two different types of candidates. Individuals who apply to job postings (or newspaper ads for that matter) are considered “active candidates”. These are people who are actively searching for jobs. They are clearly looking to make a move, as they are not satisfied with their current situation. Furthermore, they may or may not be currently employed. Searching a resume database allows the employer to attract a passive candidate. Most likely this candidate is currently employed. He or she might be quite happy in their current position but are willing to hear about potential opportunities.

The higher performers will typically fall under the passive candidate category. However, it is important to note that “A” players can and do apply for jobs. This is especially true in today’s market where there are many talented people out of work.

Just as you would create a high impact classified ad for a local newspaper, you want to take the same care in crafting your job posting. In fact, the posting allows you much more latitude than a newspaper ad because there is not a finite amount of space. Take advantage of this! Too often I will see a posting with just one line of information (i.e. “sales manager needed for a 200 room hotel, apply online”). This is your opportunity to sell the candidate on why he or she should join your team. Give the job seeker enough information to educate themselves about the position and the company. Include details about the responsibilities of the position as well as the professional and personal characteristics you are looking for. By being clear about your requirements, you can minimize the number of unqualified applicants.

Think about the individual you are targeting when crafting and posting your job. If you are looking for a Director of Food & Beverage for your hotel, would someone coming from the restaurant industry be a fit? If so, how likely is it for a restaurant executive searching jobs to come across a position in the lodging industry? Ask questions to your job board provider about how their search tools work. Job seekers are typically searching fields from a database so you want to ensure your jobs are visible to all candidates who may be a match.

Searching resume databases is more time consuming than posting a job but it does significantly increase your chances of finding the high performer. Again, ask your job board operator for tips on how to best search their database. A good approach is to first cast a wide net and then begin to narrow your criteria.Take a look at the list of job titles and note those positions that may be relevant. If you are looking for a Director of Sales, don’t just search for people with that title. Would an Assistant Director of Sales at a larger property be qualified? Or even a Senior Sales Manager? Titles tend to get skewed between companies and cultures but skill sets remain the same. For example, an Assistant General Manager, Hotel Manager, Dir. of Operations all may be the number two at their respective hotel properties. Don’t miss out on talent by performing too narrow a search. This applies to keyword searches as well.

Company size and staffing needs dictate the amount of activity on a recruitment site. The usage may be as little as one job posting every couple of months to having human resource personnel searching databases day and night. Whatever your level of involvement, strive to be as efficient as possible in your internet recruiting and you will reap substantial rewards.