Executive Recruiting Within The Chain Restaurant Industry

Keith Kefgen | RECRUITMENT

When it comes to the recruiting process and the hiring of senior level executives within the chain restaurant industry I have found that many restaurant companies are not aware of what they are “entitled” to when they engage an executive search firm. Listed below are ten critical points your organization should keep in mind the next time you consider partnering with an executive search firm.*

I. The executive search firm shall provide you with an accurate and candid assessment of its capabilities to perform your search.

II. The executive search firm shall tell you which consultant within their organization will conduct the search.

III. The executive search firm shall provide a high-level consultative relationship.

IV. The executive search firm shall hold your information in strict confidentiality.

V. The executive search firm shall demonstrate a clear understanding of the position, the company and the objectives of the search.

VI. The executive search firm shall provide you with regular, detailed status reports on the progress of the search.

VII. The executive search firm shall present qualified candidates who fit the position and the culture of your organization.

VIII. The executive search firm shall help you negotiate with the final candidate, representing both parties with skill, integrity, and a high degree of professionalism.

IX. The executive search firm shall provide you with a reasonable level of follow-through after you have hired the candidate.

As an executive search professional, I can say that the most successful assignments point to restaurant companies that are “educated buyers.” The organizations that understand how executive search firms should operate are the ones that consistently attract and retain the best and the brightest. Now that you know your rights, you can hold your executive search firm to this standard of service.

*The excerpts given are taken from The Association of Executive Search Consultants, Inc. Client Bill of Rights. AESC is the professional association representing retained executive search consulting firms worldwide and establishes professional and ethical standards for its members. Click on the following link to review a more detailed version of the points discussed in this article: http://www.aesc.org/aesc.php?view=article&page=clientrights. Additionally click on this link to view the Candidates Bill Of Rights:http://www.aesc.org/aesc.php?view=article&page=candidaterights.