European Boards Working Harder

For a third year in a row, the same three companies have dominated the scoring in this annual review of corporate governance practices at European hotel companies.

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Directing Balance: US Gaming Industry’s Best Boards in 2005

US gaming industry's boards in 2005 exercised diversity and discretion in their handling of corporate governance, finds our annual survey of best practices in the boardrooms of US public gaming companies.

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Board Sports – How Can European Hotel Companies Improve Their Score?

Rezidor receives top honours in the annual review of corporate governance practices at European hotel companies.

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Board Directors Sitting on the Hot Seat

As the SEC, White House and Congress continue to define board and CEO performance standards, we find that some companies are doing an excellent job. Host Hotels & Resorts lead the 11th annual board performance study of US hotels.

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Can New Technology Bolster HR Strategy?

Sophisticated technologies improve HR efficiencies but also warm the hearts of CEOs and CFOs as they can directly and dramatically affect both top and bottom line.

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Management Over Easy – The Talent Fix for Casual Dining

Why does the casual dining sector still employ so-called “leaders,” yet winds up persistently lagging behind relevant metrics for the industry? Dave Manasbach prescribes the perfect recipe to revive this sector in an article for the Restaurant Finance Monitor magazine.

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Chief Emotional Officer: EQ Has Conquered The Corner Office

Aethos™ analysed over 420 top-performing CEOs from around the world to understand key competencies required to be an effective leader in the hospitality industry.

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Assess for the Best

As the pool of available candidates grows, it becomes more important for employers to ensure that they are hiring the best candidate for the job.

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An Assessment for Success

There are many effective means available of assessing current and future company executives. Are you utilizing an effective assessment tool? wE take a look at the what, how, and why of executive assessment.

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